Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Level 19: 10,000-15,000/15,000
Field: 14/262

Irish poker legend Dara O’Kearney raised to 30,000 from the cutoff. Teo Gharabeigi (button) and Michael Khan (big blind) both called and the flop was dealt.

On it was checked to Gharabeigi who bet 35,000. Khan called and O’Kearny let his hand go.

appeared on the turn. Khan sized up and bet 200,000. Gharabeigi raised all-in for roughly 500,000 and Khan snap-called.

Teo Gharabeigi:
Michael Khan:

When being called Gharabeigi didn’t even turn his hand over; he felt he was beaten. The river changed nothing and Gharabeigi busted in 15th place.

Michael Khan – 630,000
Teo Gharabeigi – 0