Company Policy

Company Policy


IPF Entertainment Ltd are the operators of The Irish Open. IPF Entertainment Ltd are committed to maintaining unrivalled customer experience for live poker events. The Company is an equal opportunities employer and maintains a work environment in which all employees and contractors are treated with respect and dignity. We have implemented various measures necessary to provide a safe, fair and secure environment for players, guests, staff and contractors.

General Policy

Any action or behaviour that is seen or, in our sole discretion, thought to be abusive or threatening in any way, will not be tolerated and any person(s) committing such action may forfeit the right to continue their participation in the Event, and may be requested to leave the premises.

We operate a zero tolerance policy for discrimination and harassment based on, or because of, an individual’s race, colour, religion, sex or gender, national origin, ancestry, age, mental or physical disability, medical condition, or any other reason prohibited by law. Any discrimination or harassment of another individual will not be tolerated and person(s) may forfeit the right to continue their participation in the Event, and may be requested to leave the premises.

Any criminal activity will not be tolerated during the Event and appropriate security measures will be taken to prevent such activity from taking place during the Event and to immediately stop such activity from happening once detected.

Any person(s) identified by us as being involved in or connected with any suspected unlawful activity will forfeit the right to continue their participation in the event and will be requested to leave the premises with immediate effect.

IPF Entertainment Ltd reserves the right to take any other action against such person(s) as it deems appropriate in its sole discretion, including but not limited to, reporting such activity to An Garda Síochána (Irish police).

IPF Entertainment Ltd reserves the right to prevent, based on its sole discretion, any person(s) from attending any event for security reasons, including, but not limited to, a person(s) previous involvement in security incidents.

IPF Entertainment Ltd shall utilise a confidential reporting facility to ensure all security incidents are fully investigated. Any criminal evidence identified or collected during any internal investigation may be presented to An Garda to assist them in their investigations.


Any person who enters any area during the Event has to be over 18 years of age. Challenge 21 procedures will be applied at the Event. The Challenge 21 procedures also apply to staff and contractors, inclusive of the venue staff and contractors. Security is instructed to strictly enforce Challenge 21 procedures.

Registration Guidelines

All players who intend to play any tournament must firstly register their details with our Tournament Management System, K-Holdem. All players must have valid Picture Identification in order to play at this Event.

Fire Safety and Evacuation Procedures

In case of an emergency evacuation please follow the instructions of the Security Staff.

It is each person(s) responsibility to make themselves aware of the Fire Escapes within the premises.

Do not try to turn electrical items off, leave the area in good order and ensure cables are not blocking or causing obstructions of the escape routes.

Ensure all persons report to their respective department heads as soon as they arrive at the evacuation point or RV. The main RV point is directly outside the main venue near the gated entrance.

CCTV Cameras

For our tournaments we utilise all of our camera/ recording systems throughout the venue.