Mad Turk Ponders Career Switch

Mad Turk Ponders Career Switch

Yucel “Mad Turk” Eminoglu has been a feature of the UK poker scene for many years, with a well-earned reputation as a genial, chatty presence on the felt. He can play some mean poker too, as evidenced by his $1,000,000 + in cashes.

He’s in fine form today, cracking wise and sending his table into fits of giggles.

A moment ago, he found himself heads up in a pot versus Claire Cullen. He had bet out a king-high flop and we think someone had questioned if he knew what he was doing.

“If I don’t know where I am in the hand, do you think I should be playing? I should be in the shop serving kebabs with chili sauce!” [Eminoglu mimed shaving a doner kebab to much amusement.]

The table, including Cullen, had a good chuckle at this and she folded the hand.

Eminoglu showed K-J for top pair. Was I ahead? he asked. It seemed he likely was.

With 110,000, the always-entertaining Mad Turk has an over-double average stack so don’t expect to see him handing over a lamb shish with salad for a few levels at least.