Through to Round Two

Through to Round Two

Leo Lombardozzi moved all-in on the last hand of the 400-800 level from the button, covering his opponent, Tomas Geleziunas.

“I have to start calling wider here,” Geleziunas remarked.

“Yeah, I’ll give it a call.”

It turned out a bad time to make a stand, as Lombardozzi, who won the six-max last night, held As Jd.

Geleciunas turned over Jc 9h. The flop came an uneventful 7d 2d 2s, but the turn brought fortune to the at-risk player. It was the 9d.

Lombardozzi needed an ace or a diamond to redraw on his opponent, and he managed to do both when the Ad arrived. It was fist bumps and commiserations for what proved to be the last match of Round One.

The thirty-two survivors play on, some of the matches already underway. They still have two rounds to get through before they can lock up some money.