Blind versus Blind is the Trap for Tricks

Blind versus Blind is the Trap for Tricks

Daragh Davey completed the small blind and Tan Lap Le raised to 4,000. Davey called.

The flop came Jh Tc 2h. Davey check-called 5,000 from Le.

The turn was the 5s, which went check-check.

The river was the 3c. We reckon the pot was precisely 19,600.

Mr Davey pushed out a lilliputian 4,000. Le, an unreadable character, made it 14,000.

Davey is one of those poker players who, against the grain, looks the most dour when things are on the upswing. His betting actions weren’t over as he pumped it up to 45,000 total.

I mean what could yer man have that wouldn’t have made a bigger fuss earlier? Le, still implacable, was determined to find out. He put in the call.

A4 4h for Davey, just the second nuts, and it was good for a big scoop. Le felt the blow, but still has chips.