Great Call by Stevens

Great Call by Stevens

Level 16: 5,000-10,000/10,000

Bert Stevens raised to 25,000 from the Small Blind and Tomas Geleziunas defended his Big Blind.

Stevens checked the flop before Geleziunas bet 28,000. Stevens called and the turn revealed itself. Stevens checked again and this time Geleziunas announced 85,000. Stevens called.

The board paired with the river. Geleziunas didn’t slow down and this time he went all in. Stevens went into the tank but eventually called.

“You got it?”, Stevens asked as he turned over . “No”, Geleziunas answered and showed his . Stevens ace high was best and Geleziunas busted in 15th place.

This game is easy”, Bert Stevens laughed as the dealer pushed the marks his way.