That Is Cruelty!

That Is Cruelty!

Hilarious dealer fakeout over on Table 35 now, as small blind Eamonn Kelly moved all in preflop over the top of button David Moger’s small open (for 11,200 total). The blinds, for the record, are 500/1,000. Moger made the call sharpish.

Moger: Qd Qh
Kelly: As Ac

“Don’t do it to me this time,” urged Moger, as the flop came out Th Js 3c.

The turn: Ks. The possibilities for river straight horror started to occur to Kelly, who said, “If you’re going to bring a queen, bring it now.”

The dealer then pulled off the final card and tilted it towards the other side of the table, saying, “Sorry.”

Kelly made a noise, but stopped when he saw that the river was a harmless brick, the 3d.

“I believed you!” said Kelly, “Jesus Christ! That’s cruelty. You know this is the over-50s event, right?” The table resounded with amusement at this.