Karel Singing

Karel Singing

Karel Geoghegan was quietly nursing a large stack of 110k ish as we approached his table. He was laser focused during several large hands so we didn’t press him for full details but we understand he had aces to win a large pot.

Less reserved were tablemates Aido O’Reilly and Karolis Brazdeikis who were bantering away as they played out pots.

O’Reilly fired a large 10k bet on a board while Brazdeikis threw his hand away, O’Reilly showing pocket kings.

“I had ace-king! They are trying to bait me, I can just tell” Brazdeikis said with a grin, though O’Reilly seemed less than convinced. “You’ve played every hand!” he said, perhaps doubting Brazdeikis’ claims.

They continued bantering away humorously, enjoying their time at the felt.