Silver doubles through Simpson

Silver doubles through Simpson

Max Silver was down to about half starting stack when James Golder raised to 700 at 100-300-300 in the cutoff. Ian Simpson, who successfully satellited into the tournament, flat-called on the button.

Waiting in the small blind was Max Silver, who squeezed to 2,600. The big blind and initial raiser folded and only Simpson called.

The flop came 8c 2c 4s and Silver continued for 3,000. Simpson, former Irish Open champion, called quickly. The turn was the 6d, complicating the board, but not completing anything plausible. With five-figure chips already in the pot, Silver elected to move all-in for the remaining 16,400.

Simpson had a decision and took a bit of time, with pocket sevens he had turned a gutshot and was beating bluffs. He did call, but it was bad news. He would have to improve to best Silver’s pocket jacks.

The river paired the six once again and Max doubles back to starting.

Ian Simpson, remaining upbeat