VOGTed Out, Bubble Bursts

VOGTed Out, Bubble Bursts

Shortstacked and needing to turn his fortunes round – Adrian Vogt saw Andrew Bak raise to 15k, called by Frederik Tveit in position and Oscar Montalvo in the small blind. Vogt also called with just 19k behind.

The Th 6s 4d flop had enough juice for Vogt – he jammed all-in.

Bak now considered his options before raising to 75k. Tveit now jammed himself for 228k.

Quite the hand.

Bak eyed up Tveit but elected to discard his hand and we were at a bubble showdown.

Tveit: Js Jc – overpair to the board
Vogt: 6x 8x – middle pair.

Vogt was going to need a slice of fortune to turn this one round & it wasn’t to be. The board bricked and he departs as the bubble boy. Everyone else was guaranteed a min cash of at least €1,175 – hooray!