Ricky Handley and Martin Olali Battling

Ricky Handley and Martin Olali Battling

Martin Olali raised to 1,200 at 300-600, Christopher Gee called, and Ricky Handley squeezed on the button to 5,000. Both Olali and Gee called.

The flop was As 8s 8d and the three players all decided to check, one by one. The pot was 16,000 and plenty big already. On the Ts turn Olali bet out 6,200. Gee ducked out. He had never seemed that interested in the pot anyways. Handley though was not going anywhere and called.

The river was the 3s, which Olali checked. Handley cut out a huge bet, 25,000. Olali didn’t take too long and made the call. Handley showed the bad news — Ks Qs. An enormous pot went his way.

Olali wasn’t done however, and got a rebate the very next hand, doubling with J-T against none other than Ricky Handley, who had pocket aces. It was a Q-9-8-6-4 board, and Olali was back to a healthy 25,000.

Martin Olali, always all smiles