Dramatic Countdown to Dinner for Wheatley

Dramatic Countdown to Dinner for Wheatley

Raymond Wheatley doubled through Paul Gleeson and then immediately lost a pot to Niall McGovern, all in the closing minutes of the level that sent their half of the room on dinner break.

First off, the double: early position raiser Paul Gleeson led for 2,700 into a three-way pot of 3,700 on a flop of Ac 2h 3c. Wheatley raised to 7,000 and the third player got out of the way. Gleeson made the call.

The turn: 8h.

Gleeson checked, Wheatley bet 6,400 and Gleeson threw out four green 5,000 chips – enough to put Wheatley all in. He got a quick call, and found that a hand he’d been dominating preflop – Ad 3d – was now two pair, and his Ax-Qx in trouble. No help on the river and Gleeson dropped to 29,000.

Soon thereafter, Wheatley was back in action, leading for 1,600 on a flop of 9d Qd Jc. Button Niall McGovern made the call. On the 6c turn, Wheatley check-called a bet of 3,500 from McGovern. The river paired the board with the 6s. Wheatley checked again but declined to call McGovern’s 6,000 bet (the latter player goes to dinner with a comfortable 65,000 stack).