Funari’s Jacked (8th – €2,845)

Funari’s Jacked (8th – €2,845)

Key flips will always be crucial in tournament poker, and Christopher Funari just lost a big, critical one. Jamming for 1.7M from middle position, Funari saw Colin Horgan make a tortured call from the small blind for a big chunk of his stack with Ah Qc.

Funari flipped up pocket jacks and we were off to the races.

The board looked safe enough – Td 9c 5c – but hope evaporated for the American as the Ac turned to give him only the tiniest of hopes remaining before even those were extinguished by the Ks on the river.

He looked shell-shocked on the rail, sad to see his adventure end but Funari can be proud of his run that sees him collect €2,845 for his 8th place finish.

They continue 7-handed with Horgan now a fair chip leader with 3.2M to his name…