O Hara O Hero

O Hara O Hero

Level 15: 4,000-8,000/8,000
Field: 26/283

Kevin Kupferschmid doubled Declan O’Hara and then chopped some profit when Javier Francort pushed out Thomas Martin preflop. Soon after, Kupferschmid was all-in again with the on a flop of . O’Hara had the [hearts-2h],

Kuferschmid turned a full house with the but O’Hara rivered a superior boat with the .

Declan O’Hara – 390,000

Richard Ashby then got it in with a wrap against the of James Thompson-Schwab with the flop showing [diamonds-1] . The [diamonds-K] got there via turn and river.

Richard Ashby – 440,000.