Nitsche Leads; Team PokerStars Down to Spraggy

Nitsche Leads; Team PokerStars Down to Spraggy

Level 16: 5,000-10,000/10,000
Field: 25/172 Remaining

Fintan Spragg was all-in for 145,000 with the and up against the of Alejandro Vazquez Gomez. It was a bad flop with the but the turn brought some hope. The river, however, was a blank and that was it.

Over on table one, Gabriel Rymar had been knocked out and Dominik Nitsche then raised to call a three-bet to 75,000 by Bert Stevens in the next seat. The flop of was checked and Nitsche led the turn for 110,000, Stevens called.

Nitsche eyeballed the stack of Stevens on the river and bet another 110,000. Stevens quickly called but mucked to the of Nitsche, who soared to 1.2 million.

Parker Talbot then defended the big blind and got it in post flop with the . Orestis Kanakopoulos had the [dominating and there was no escaping on the turn or river.

Team PokerStars was reduced to just one and Benjamin Spragg is one of the shorter stacks two away from the money. His table neighbour Kanakopoulos has been sailing through the day with now around 850,000.