An Ace on the River

An Ace on the River

Scott Gray was all-in under the gun with fewer chips than the big blind had posted, but more than the small blind. Twelve players remained, with eleven paid.

Matteo Crapanzano completed in the small blind, and the pot had the makings of a three-way confrontation. But Dan Chilky got dealt AAQ3, double-suited with hearts and diamonds. So a pot-sized raise was made.

Crapanzano got out of the way and it was Chilky and Gray one on one.

The aforementioned nuts for Chilky, Gray had Qh Jc 9s 6s…

Crapanzano was upset at being denied the change to burst the bubble.

The flop was 7h 3s 2s, bringing a flush draw for Gray, who seemed quite at ease with whatever his fate. The turn card was a total blank, the Kc. But the river, the As, ensured the veteran of Irish poker stayed in the tournament for at least one more hand.

That next hand would be a fateful one, but for Liam Bryne at the table across the way.

It was a classic PLO matchup, Kc Kh Tc 6s for Gavin Flynn and Liam Bryne with, of course, the aces, AhAcJs9s. The board seemed relatively unlikely to turn the tables after the dealer spread out a Qh 5d 4c flop. The turn Jc brought an open ender for Flynn, who would be ultra-short if he doubled Bryne here and now. Meanwhile, the cards needed, an ace or a nine, were threefold out of the deck already and in Bryne’s hand.

But PLO is a cruel game, and the Ad elicited the oooohs and aaaahs from all parties. Bryne was a bubble and the rest of the shorties rejoiced.