Matassa Hits Cruel Two-Outer

Matassa Hits Cruel Two-Outer

Level 28: 40,000/80,000
Field: 73/5,320 Remaining

You turn around and in the blink of an eye, another dozen players have been eliminated. Day 2 is breezing through the ranks and the latest casualty is Swiss player Philippe Dotti.

He was part of a three-way flop of on which he check-jammed for 1,130,000. Stefano Matassa had bet 375,000 to force a check-fold from Alberto Ah Line and Matassa then reluctantly called.

Dotti was out in front with as Matassa only revealed the . However, the turn gave the Italian an unbeatable set to then make the river a formality.

Stefano Matassa – 3,300,000
Alberto Ah Line – 2,800,000
Andras Balogh – 2,400,000
Philippe Souki – 2,300,000