Simpson Goes Homer

Simpson Goes Homer

Ian Simpson is out of the JP Masters, and indeed done for the day – he’s off to spend some quality time with the family although he seems quite excited about the €1,100 Mystery Bounty tomorrow. David Costello did the deed like so, the whole lot going in preflop:

Simpson: Kc Jc
Costello: Ac 6c

Board: 9h Qs 4c Ad 7d

Up to 155k after that, just a few moments later Costello put an end to the tournament dreams of William McMurray as well, outflipping the latter’s Tc Td on a frankly overkill As Jc 3c 6c Jd board that made Costello’s Ac Js a full house. Costello is now one of the chip leaders on 180k.

A few other notable counts that I picked up on a tour of the tournament area:

Mohamed Sekh147,000
Waheed Ashraf140,000
Will Kassouf127,000
Sandro Pitzanti120,000
Jessica Pilkington85,000
Kim Kilroy38,000
Kevin Allen29,000
Dara O’Kearney23,000