Robin Roth Eliminated in 2nd Place for €32,300

Robin Roth Eliminated in 2nd Place for €32,300

Level 30: 100,000/250,000 (250,000)
Entries: 1/566

Nothing could go wrong for Eriks Krumins once he established himself as the table captain with four players remaining. Robin Roth outlasted everyone but the Latvian but between Krumins’ good run of cards and solid play, he fell one player shy of the title.

Krumins limped in the final hand from the button. Roth jammed for 10 big blinds and Krumins snap-called.

Robin Roth:
Eriks Krumins:

Roth was shouting for a four after the flop and was pleading even more after a four would give him the win (as would a king or a trey) on the turn. However, Roth bricked the river and had to settle for the runner-up prize of €32,300 while Krumins won the trophy along with the hefty €51,675.

Stay tuned for the recap of the €550 JP Masters.