Martynas Racinskas elminated in 7th for €4,020

Martynas Racinskas elminated in 7th for €4,020

It was a bigger shove, maybe 20 blinds, than the previous eliminations, but the extra chips did not gain any extra fold equity for yer man Racinskas, because Oscar Montalvo woke up with two tens.

Montalvo: Tc Th

Racinskas: As Qd

A lot of chips in the middle though. The pot was around 700,000.

Kc 8c 4d on the flop. Someone shouted out “He has no backdoors!” Except for J, T for broadway we suppose. A lot of sweating from the table at this point.

The turn was the 3d and now it would be an ace or queen for Racinskas to stay alive.

The river was the 9s and the pot went Montalvo way and it was good for a 2,000 Euro bounty to boot!

Down to six now.