Lappin Doubles With Rockets

Lappin Doubles With Rockets

Level 28: 60,000/120,000 (120,000)
Entries: 5/495

Rod tried to send me home after a long day at the Luxon Pay High Roller, but instead, I promised him I would help with the little bit of gas left in the tank as long as my friend David Lappin was still in the mix.

Lappin just gained a little bit of breathing room off his short stack and it all began after he opened for 315,000 from under the gun.

“How much?” Michel Havavka asked.

Lappin showed the rest of his stack of 395,000 and Havavka soon after called to see the flop. Havavka shoved and Lappin had a call ready less than a second later.

David Lappin:
Michel Havavka:

Lappin had his opponent drawing dead on the turn and earned a full double after the river.

Michel Havaka – 2.5 million
David Lappin – 2 million

David Lappin