Mario Niciforo Wins The Hendon Mob Championship for €18,127!

Mario Niciforo Wins The Hendon Mob Championship for €18,127!

Heads-Up proved a short-lived affair.

At this point, following a few orders of fermented beverages, Colin Horgan was pretty “lubricated” albeit a pleasant, genial sort of lubrication rather than the leery, aggressive type. Enjoying himself without wetting his trousers.

Nonetheless, he wasn’t in the best state to play poker so it was somewhat of a mercy to cut a deal with Niciforo for the final chunk of change.

It was decided between the pair they would split the money €18,127 + the Hendon Mob trophy for Niciforo while Horgan would take €16,042 plus the trip to South Africa.

The two shook hands on this deal and Mario Niciforo became The Hendon Mob Champion!!! Congratulations!

It’s been a classic day of NLHE poker and we’ve enjoyed every moment but it’s time to hang up our pens and pads for the day. Well played one and all – we’ll see you tomorrow for more poker fun, including day 2 of the High Roller, another day of Mini madness, and of course the first day of the Main Event!

Join us then but for now, good night!