Lady Luck Smiles on Adam Neal

Lady Luck Smiles on Adam Neal

Poker is not a merciful game at times, the cruel turn of a card can crush a dream or snatch a stack.

Roy Keating just felt this pain in visceral fashion. All-in preflop versus Adam Neal, it looked pretty rosy with his dominating A-K matching up against Neal’s A-Q.

His equity ratcheted up a notch as the board fell K-Q-9 and on the brick turn Neal was around a 95.5% favourite. The poker gods don’t always stick to the script though, and a chorus of “oooooh”‘s accompanied the Q that arrived on the river to end his tournament in the blink of an eye. Harsh.

At the time of winning this pot, Neal had risen to over 500k and since then, he’s been on a tear, up to 650k and closing in on the chip lead fast.

Here’s the current chip leaders:

1DEANE MEEGAN4211700000
5ADAM NEAL428675000