Fraser Ousts Schluter

Fraser Ousts Schluter

Say that five times fast.

Play wrapped on the cusp of 130 entries last night, but late reg is still available for a couple levels today and the tournament clock already reads 154, so that’s a prize pool which brinks on €300,000 Euros by our count.

A few eliminations already, including Christopher Gee, but we haven’t even our final field yet in this high roller freeze out — sponsored by a company named with said sponsorship seemingly in mind.

The 5d 9d 3d flop had pitted Fraser MacIntyre in the cutoff, out of position against Heinz Schluter, who had the button. We believe it went raise from MacIntyre, call from Schluter, both preflop and on the flop.

The 5s turn went check check, there was around 60,000 chips in the pot. We were still at the 1,000-2,500 level mind you.

River was the 7h and MacIntyre checked again. Now Schluter moved all-in for a lot. It was an overbet, maybe 90,000? We’re a bit groggy off the jump today.

MacIntyre had a hand he couldn’t fold, 6d 8c for the straight on the river. Schluter had one card short of the nuts, tabling Ad Jc for the bluff.

He busts 51st and there is still about an hour to jump in this tournament. So we will know the payouts and prizepool information at that time.

Schluter went for it