Ju Doubles; Carl Hits a Wall

Ju Doubles; Carl Hits a Wall

Samuel Ju

Level 17: 6,000-12,000/12,000
Field: 18/172 Remaining

Alejandro Vazquez Gomez raised to 24,000 on the button and reluctantly called the shove by Samuel Ju for 111,000 in the big blind. Ju’s was up against and both players missed the entire board of for the German to double.

Over on table three, Marco Meisser defended the big blind against a button raise by Nicola Carl. Meisser check-raised to 75,000 on and Carl came along with around 130,000 behind.

That led them to the turn on which Meisser bet just 40,000. Carl jammed and was snapped off to find himself drawing dead with the . Meisser’s straight draw with had hit he nuts and the river didn’t matter anymore.

Marco Meisser – 720,000
Alejandro Vazquez Gomez – 400,000
Samuel Ju – 240,000
Nicola Carl – Eliminated in 19th Place (€6,200)