Khatri Busts to ODwyer

Khatri Busts to ODwyer

When O’Dwyer Taps the Table, It’s Over for Someone

This is the time to hit the overcards, all in vs. the pair – down to seven tables on Day 3 of the Main Event. But in asking the deck for the hit, you should probably specify that the pair doesn’t hit a set at the same time.

A big hand threatened to become huge preflop: Athanasios Tavlas opened to 50,000, Bhavin Khatri shoved for 330,000 and Steve O’Dwyer re-shoved for 1,325,000. Tavlas took a minute or so to consider this development. His stack was roughly the same size as O’Dwyer’s; he finally folded.

O’Dwyer: 9c 9d
Khatri: Kc Qc

The flop paired Khatri’s queen but also brought a nine. He was drawing dead on the turn (this was subtly telegraphed by a gentle table tap from O’Dwyer, signifying “good game”).