Massive Double Up for Mulhern

Massive Double Up for Mulhern

Jacob Mulhern (small blind) and Alessandro Pichierri (big blind) saw a flop – Ts 5c 2s. Mulhern bet out 250k and Pichierri called. So far, so good.

Turn: 8h

Mulhern now bet out 650k – and Pichierri announced all in. Mulhern snap-called.

Pichierri: Ad Ac for, well, aces
Mulhern: Th 8d for two pair

Pichierri sank towards the felt as though he’d been winded. He barely looked up to check the river – an inconsequential 9h – and looked utterly shellshocked as the dealer counted out Mulhern’s double up from what used to be his stack. Pichierri is now down to 940k while Jacob Mulhern is out new chip leader on over 5 million – well over half the chips in play.