Hulme, McCoy, and Moene Make a Big Pot

Hulme, McCoy, and Moene Make a Big Pot

Mr McCoy raised preflop under the gun to 12,000 and Jelle Moene called in the hijack seat. Then from the big blind Andrew Hulme defended his big blind. The flop was 4c 9d 7h. This was about to be a tangled pot.

It checked to Moene, who bet 12,000. Both Hulme and McCoy called. The dealer put out a mischievous Jh. This would be the start of the trouble.

Hulme checked to McCoy, but this time he did not check to Moene. Instead, he wagered 60,000, kind of haphazard like. Moene was puzzled but not worried. He called. Now Hulme had a real long think. What in the world was going on in this hand? Hulme called eventually.

We are trying to keep track of this pot and we think at this point it was 180,000 from the turn, plus 72,000 from the flop, and then don’t forget the 81,000 preflop. So a lot in other words. But 333,000 from our tabulations. Big big pot.

The river card was the 6s.

Both players checked to Moene, who cut out 100,000 chips and pushed them over the line. Hulme had been on the draw we guess because he folded pretty quickly. McCoy was unhappy about giving up the pot and let Moene know about that. But in the end he let it go. Moene’s got cruising chips.

The suspicious McCoy