Jordon Doubles Through Wilson

Jordon Doubles Through Wilson

Simon Wilson – all coats stay off for now

Following a bit of almost-nothingy action at both tables (players who went all in but didn’t get called: Wadey, Ewen Trevidy, and Keith Littlewood who wasn’t technically all in when he pushed from the button as he thoroughly covered both Michael Kane and Terence Jordon in the blinds). However, eventually two players liked their cards enough that the sizeable rail got to see some cards.

Simon Wilson made the opening min-raise to 40k and it folded around to Terence Jordon in the small blind who shoved for 435k. Wilson looked up at the clock before looking back down at his stack. He counted out the call. He counted what remained of his stack with the call removed (860k). He grimaced. And then he called.

Jordon: Th Td
Wilson: Ac Js

Jordon stood up and put his coat on. The rail leaned in and the dealer did his job.

Board: Boom! Ts 4c 2d 9s Ks

“Oh that’ll do,” said Jordon as he took his coat back off. “Coats on, coats off. Ahhh gimme them back ‘ere.”

Jordon is up over 900k now – above the 700k average.