Hassankashani Healthy

Hassankashani Healthy

Level 17: 6,000-12,000/12,000
Field: 15/262

With only 17 players remaining, tension’s rising in the Mystery Bounty tournament. 20 levels will be played today before the tournament concludes on Day 2 tomorrow.

When we arrived at one of the tables, the board read Arian Hassankashani had fired a 22,000 bet into the 75,000 pot. Jamie Walden decided to call and the players went to the turn.

The was revealed and Hassankashani now checked. Walden decided to bet 61,000 and Hassankashani called.

Both players checked the river. Hassankashani’s was the best hand on the flush-heavy board and he earned himself a decent pot.

Jamie Walden: 180,000
Arian Hassankashani: 1,200,000