Down to Ten in a Hurry

Down to Ten in a Hurry

Level 23: 25,000-50,000/50,000

Andy Murray got his short stack in ahead with but Guillermo Gordo improved with the to reduce the field to the final 11.

That lasted all but two minutes when Kostas Patsourakis moved all-in for 465,000 and Colin Horgan rejammed on the button.

Kostas Patsourakis:
Colin Horgan:

“Solver approved,” Curthis Thorpe gritted and the suited ace not only hit one but two aces and a five as the board ran out .

Colin Horgan – 2,700,000
Guillermo Gordo – 1,250,000
Andy Murray – Eliminated in 12th Place (€1,585)
Kostas Patsourakis – Eliminated in 11th Place (€1,900)