David Tutty has a Nightmare at Noon

David Tutty has a Nightmare at Noon

A familiar face on the Irish poker scene, David Tutty came into the day with 132,000 in chips, a more than healthy stack, double the average.

It all went wrong from the start. Tutty seemed to lose every pot he entered, and he entered a few in the span of just 45 minutes. At the end, which was still the day’s beginning, he was in an at-risk confrontation with Swedish amateur Bo Bjork.

Tutty had probably slept well, but it was all feverish when the cards were flipped over.

Ks Kd for Bjork

Jd Jh for Tutty

The flop would be even worse, Kh As 6s.

The turn 7c meant he was drawing dead and the 9h completed the board. No limit Hold’em tournaments are a harsh mistress and sometimes she doesn’t hear your safe word.