The Bubble is Almost Here

The Bubble is Almost Here

Level 14: 3,000-6,000/6,000

Fabian Bartuschk, Cathal Shine, Patrick Schratz and Archibald Seaton all bowed out as the field was trimmed down to the final ten tables with some 59 players in the mix. The min-cash of €570 is in sight and one time, the clock had to be called on a player in the tank.

The camera crews went to the table of Joe Stapleton, who didn’t comment too much on what was happening while checking his phone with a stack of around 65,000. Yehong Luo had opened to 15,000 in the small blind and David Tous jammed in the big blind. A brief tank of Luo followed and he then folded.

“Don’t worry guys,” I will be the bubble, Luo joked.

David Tous – 430,000
Yehond Luo – 180,000