Two Double-Ups in a Row

Two Double-Ups in a Row

Level 21: 15,000-30,000/30,000

Yes, we are still at 11 players on two tables. There are some short stacks while Stephen Freeman soared to a distant lead. In the meanwhile, table one produced another two all-in showdowns and as many double-ups for the players at risk.

Jorge Dinis limp-jammed into a raise by Pavel Plotnikov, who snap-called for 685,000 with the . Dinis’ almost got there with a one-outer after the flop had given Plotnikov queens full and the turn provided an unlikely redraw to a straight flush. But the river secured the double.

Dinis then jammed in the cutoff for the last 320,000 with and Justin McCartan shipped it in from the small blind with the . The [diamonds-d] kept Dinis around, too.

Pavel Plotnikov – 1,350,000 (45 bb)
Jorge Dinis – 800,000 (27 bb)
Justin McCartan – 320,000 (11 bb)