Three All-Ins and Two Seat Open, 11 Remain

Three All-Ins and Two Seat Open, 11 Remain

Level 19: 10,000-20,000/20,000
Field: 11/283

As if the previous action was not enough, there was an all-in and call on each of the three tables at the very same time!

Dermot Flanagan was at risk with the against Robin Panholzer’s . The rough shape came to a happy end on the runout for a healthy double to nearly 900k.

Kasper Mellanen got his short stack in with the and had aces with one suit in clubs. The flop was devastating, there was no runner-runner miracle with the turn and river.

Last but not least, Kalle Harju had one blind left after the previous huge clash and Alexandros Dimogiorgis finished him off. Harju’s came up short versus on a board of river.

Let’s take a short break to take a deep breathe and move the final 11 to their new seat assignments.