Daragh Davey Double Dips, Doubles

Daragh Davey Double Dips, Doubles

Daragh Davey is already on his second bullet, having temporarily forgotten that he likes money on the first.

After an early position player limped, Davey raised to 700 (we’re 100-200 blinds at the moment), but when it came around to small blind Nicolas Degueille, the price of poker went up to 2,000.

Both the limper and Davey called, creating a pot of 6,400 for the following three face up cards:

Tc 7s 5s

Degueille continuation bet 2,000, got a call, and Davey raised, to 6,500. Only Degueille called.

The turn was the 6d. Degueille checked, Davey fired 7,500 and got another call.

The river blanked out, it was the 2d. Degueille checked once more and Davey had 12,400 left to fire, which he did, all-in. His opponent covered him by a mere 400 chips. Degueille called with two kings, no spade, but it was no good. Davey had flopped a set of fives and doubles on his day’s double dip.