The Grim Reaper Augurs Lappin Demise

The Grim Reaper Augurs Lappin Demise

David Lappin was a little on the short side when he noticed this blogger scribbling over his shoulder. Raising to 800 from middle position he said, “This could be my last hand, with the grim reaper standing there.”

Lappin’s raise was called by Alex Kulev in position on the button, the board peeling 7h 5h 8s. Lappin checked, Kulev made a small bet and Lappin jammed for his remaining 7k or so.

It was unfortunate timing, Kulev calling with 6-9 for the flopped nuts. “That’ll do,” joked Lappin.

Lappin’s 9-T had a few outs to take the lead but the turn and river bricked and he was left to ponder whether a re-entry would be wise, today at least..

Kulev is up over 45,000 meanwhile.