Maguire Gets Away from O Dwyer One Outer

Maguire Gets Away from O Dwyer One Outer

Oh wow, oh wow oh wow oh wow. We actually just had two rails in here – one for a double up on the irl final table (coming up soon!) and one for the screen above the comms box showing this absolutely extraordinary hand.

So. Garry Spinks folded his Js Td under the gun. This will become relevant in a moment. In the small blind, Kyle Maguire raised to 850k with Kc Qd. In the big blind, Steve O’Dwyer called with Kh Jh.

Flop: Kd Qs Jc ! More than a little something for everyone there. Maguire bet out 1.1 million and O’Dwyer called.

Turn: 5s – not so dramatic. Maguire, his two pair still beating O’Dwyer’s two pair, bet out 3.2 million. Again, O’Dwyer called. To the river.

River: Jd !!!!! You remember that jack that Spinks folded earlier? Yeah – that river was O’Dwyer’s actual one-outer. This time Maguire checked, and O’Dwyer set him in. Astoundingly, Maguire found it in himself to fold, and survives on 5.6 million. O’Dwyer is up to 41 million – that’s about two thirds of the chips in play.