“Take it All”

“Take it All”

Level 6: 500/1,000 (1,000)
Entries: 252/363

The €250 Seniors Event has grown to 363 entries and counting with late registration not scheduled to close for another hour. Emma Woolfrey will need to re-enter if she wants a chance at what will be a massive prize pool for the Seniors Event after the following hand.

Woolfrey checked with close to 25,000 in the pot and the on the board before Graham Fitton bet 11,500.

“Take it all,” Woolfrey said after tanking for about 20 seconds.

Woolfrey jammed for a little bit more and Fitton snap-called. Fitton turned over the for the flush. Meanwhile, it was a cooler for Woolfrey, who despite expecting the flush had a strong hand of her own after flopping the wheel with only to hit the rail after running into a rivered flush.

Graham Fitton – 70,000
Emma Woolfrey – 0