Kanakopoulos Bad Beats Gordo

Kanakopoulos Bad Beats Gordo

Level 19: 10.000-20,000/20,000
Field: 11/172 Remaining

Orestis Kanakopoulis raised to 40,000 and Guillermo Gordo then three-bet to 130,000. The four-bet shove by the bigger stack followed and Gordo instantly called.

Guillermo Gordo:
Orestis Kanakopoulos:

The kings stayed ahead on the flop but the dreadful ace came with the turn. Suddenly down to one out, Gordo found no miracle escape on the river.

Orestis Kanakopoulos – 1,825,000
Guillermo Gordo – Eliminated in 12th Place (€9,400)

Guillermo Gordo