Steve On Fire

Steve On Fire

Steve O’Dwyer, the man they all should fear, has chips.

We are beginning to see one of the reasons this might be the case — he keeps making big bets on the river.

Post-bubble bursting, Steve completed in the small blind and Michael Allen checked the big blind.

The flop came 9h 8c 2s and O’Dwyer led 7,000, which Allen called.

The turn was the 5c, O’Dwyer bet again, 11,000 this time. Allen called.

Small pot poker was shifting into big pot poker when the 2c hit the river. We don’t think O’Dwyer even had much of a look at his opponent’s stack (they were divided by the dealer, seat 8 and seat 1 in fairness) before cutting out what looked like 200,000. Allen only had about half that, we estimate.

Things had escalated and Allen began to look physically uncomfortable. After a long while he folded.

O’Dwyer meanwhile, was the picture of relaxed repose. He’s been here before. And now he has a lot of chips. We figure he’s knocking on 400,000. To wit, he three-bet an open two hands later and everyone at the table couldn’t get rid of their cards quick enough.