Una Ortell Out in 7th (€690)

Una Ortell Out in 7th (€690)

Under the gun, Katie Ramsden limped for 8,000. In mid-position, Una Ortell raised to 60,000 – but meant to raise more (she had pushed forward a big stack of red chips and reached back to get the rest but without an “all in” declaration this isn’t allowed). Everyone got out of the way apart from Ramsden, who made the call.

Both players checked the Js Jh 7s flop.

On the 9s turn, Ramsden led out for 30,000 and Ortell made the call (leaving herself around 50,000 behind).

The river: Tc. “How much does she have?” asked Ramsden. Not waiting for an answer, she said, “Let’s go all in,” and did so. Call from Ortell.

Ortell: Ad Ac
Ramsden: Ks Ts for the turned flush.

A slightly disappointed Ortell headed to the rail but these two players in particular seem to have bonded during the event and wished each other well.