“Not a Good Bluff Spot, is it?”

“Not a Good Bluff Spot, is it?”

Level 17: 6,000-12,000/12,000

Pre-flop Marle Spragg raises from the Cutoff, a bet that is called by Sia Kavourma from the Button. After Migle Kriksciunaite folds from the Lo-jack after opening up the pot previously, she folds and there’s 70,000 in the pot pre-flop.

We’re presented with a flop. Spragg checks prior to Kavourma betting 35,000. Spragg makes the call.

The turn reveals and the action goes check-check. On river , Spragg bets 25,000 only to be faced with a Kavourma-raise to 80,000. Spragg looks confused while shuffling the chips in her hand before she decides to fold.

“Ace-jack, Queen-jack?”, Marle asks as the dealer pushes the chips to Kavourma. “Not a good bluff spot, is it?”, Kavourma replies.

PokerStars Team Pro Marle Spragg still has some chips to play with in the Ladies’ Event.