Marc MacDonnell eliminated 11th (€9,055)

Marc MacDonnell eliminated 11th (€9,055)

MacDonnell had been crippled an orbit earlier, and was sporting three big blind, one of which he had to post before he even looked at his cards.

In early position, Andrew Hulme put him all-in and he called off with 9d 2h. The pot was of a meagre size, even if he won it he would only have exactly six blinds.

Hulme was ahead with Kh Th. The flop came Jd 4d 9c and MacDonnell had high hopes of survival.

Ac turn and 5s river and the comeback was on.

Two hands later he moved in with two fives from the button, and got called by Andrew Hulme’s 6d 7d. It was not the flip fives wanted, but it was the one they had to take.

The Qd Th 4c flop was safe enough, but the 7s turn was loads of trouble for MacDonnell. The 4h meant the end of his high roller roll, and Hulme dragged the 178,000 chip pot to his stack. Hulme now rivals Peffly for the chip lead.