Alexandru Pintilie Eliminated in 9th Place (€4,000)

Alexandru Pintilie Eliminated in 9th Place (€4,000)

Level 39: 500,000-1,000,000/1,000,000
Field 8/5,320

Alexandru Pintile was the short stack of the table, playing only one big blind. He went all-in from the hi-jack and both Marcus Hallabro (button) and Radovan Fridrich (small blind) made the call.

Hallabro and Fridrich both checked the flop, and the action repeated on the turn. On river however, Hallabro bet this led to Fridrich folding. Thus, it was time for Hallabro and Pintilie to show their hands:

Alexandru Pintilie:
Marcus Hallabro:

Hallabro hitting a set on the river meaning Pintilie’s flopped pair wasn’t any good. Pintile was eliminated in 9th place and cashed €4,000.

Well fought, Alexandru Pintilie.