Macdonnell handles the pressure

Macdonnell handles the pressure

Marc Macdonnell checked the Jd river to his opponent, Ankit Ahuja, in an already sizeable pot.

The full board read 6h 8d 7c, Ks, Jd.

Ahuja had but a moment’s hesitation, before cutting out a massive stack of yellow 5k chips (8 or so to our count, so 40k, nearly a starting stack’s worth). He nonchalantly tossed them over the line.

Macdonnell had that look about him of a pro with a strong hand that had been rendered, through circumstances of bet and raise, a mere bluff catcher. But he made the call with his set of sixes.

Ahuja had turned 8c 9c into a bluff. He was running on fumes thereafter and shortly made a graceful exit.