Kassouf Burned; Williams Closes on Chip lead

Kassouf Burned; Williams Closes on Chip lead

Will Kassouf doesn’t need chips to find his voice but now he unquestionably has some chirping chips, he’s in full flow. Conducting incessant commentary, before, after, and during hands, Will’s not to everyone’s taste and there are a few eyes being rolled (as well as some laughter) as his verbal ejaculations puncture every moment of potential silence.

One of the chip leaders Chris Williams recently found himself heads-up with Kassouf facing a bet of around 65k on the river of a x-x-x-J-T board. Kassouf talked incessantly at him while he mulled over his decision, eventually calling with K-T. It was good.

“Queen high,” said Kassouf with what seemed like an element of misplaced pride, showing a queen. What took you so long? A ten? Didn’t expect you to take that long. King-ten, what a liberty.”

“I had to think about it but you’re quite noisy so it took a bit longer,” Williams explained. “Most players know to shut the [expletive] up,” he added with a half-smile, suggesting his slightly hostile riposte was half joking.

A few hands later, once a Spanish dealer had joined the table, and Will had “impressed” one and all with his knowledge of pidgin Spanish, Italian and a smattering of, as one of the TD’s observed, “jibber-jabber,” Williams asked Kassouf a question.

“Do you have a missus?”

“Not right now, no I don’t.” Will continued but was cut short mid stream.

“Didn’t think so,” Williams said, the burn delivered with pinpoint accuracy. Kassouf laughed.

Kassouf’s on an above-average 475k while Williams now has a massive 1.1 million stack, putting him in contention for the chip lead.