DeSouza extracts the max

DeSouza extracts the max

Ian Simpson opened the pot in the cutoff to 800 and Belarmino DeSouza three-bet on the button to 2,700. There was a quick cold call in the big blind from Glen Keogh, then a not so quick fold from Mr Simpson (turns out his fold button does work).

The hand was already unusual when the flop came 7d 4c 6d. Keogh checked to DeSouza who bet 3,000. Keogh called.

The turn was a total blank, 2h. As one would expect, once Keogh checked to him, DeSouza saw this card as an opportunity to apply pressure. 9,000 of it.

Keogh took a decent bit of time and called. This was getting to be a lengthy and large pot.

The river was the 6s. The flopped flush draw missed and so did everything else. Keogh checked. DeSouza took a long time to assess the situation.

Was he thinking of bluffing A-K? Giving up with diamonds? Or could he be thinking of shoving for thin value?

Shove he did in any case and after a tank Keogh called him with two eights. The overpair that unblocked bluffs and had the promise of a gutter long ago. Two red tens were tabled in triumph and DeSouza had extracted the absolute maximum from his hand to bust Keogh.

Players are now on their first break with 52 of the 59 runners coming back after twenty minutes.