Killer Flip Sees Kalantzi Bubbles

Killer Flip Sees Kalantzi Bubbles

Maria Kalantzi (pictured centre) is the unfortunate player to bubble – and what a hand it was that saw her depart…

With 15% of the field to be paid, she was on the cusp of a €280 payout when she went to war with marginally bigger stack Mary Campbell (left) holding A-K versus Campbell’s Q-Q – a classic flip.

The board looked to be in her favour, falling Kc 9c 3h – leaving Campbell in dire straights.

The gasp on the turn signalled a dramatic shift in fortunes – a brutal Qs spiking to give Campbell a set and leave Kalantzi all but on the rail. A redundant Jh later and she was left wide-eyed and out on the bubble. Campbell meanwhile is now riding high with a 350k+ stack.

Very harsh. That is poker though – the tournament director congratulated the remaining players on their cash and they play on down to the last 24…