Barry Greeman sends Iaron Lightbourne (31st) Bubbling

Barry Greeman sends Iaron Lightbourne (31st) Bubbling

Iaron Lightbourne opened in early position at 2k/4k/4k and got calls from both blinds, including from tournament chip leader Barry Greeman.

The flop was spread, Ts 3s Qh, both blinds checked, and Lightbourne continued for 9,000. Only Greeman called.

The “I have all the chips” pose

The turn arrived, the 3h, a potential upgrade to some of the trashier hands in the big blind’s range. Lightbourne was undeterred however, and bet 22,500 when checked to. Greeman sprung into action — an all-in for hundreds of thousands of chips. His story was clear, “I have trip 3s.”

Lightbourne did not believe the story and called off his tournament life with Qd Jd.

It was Kh Jc for Greeman, any ace king or nine would crack top pair, and before anyone could take a deep breath the 9d smashed the river.

Lightbourne took it well and Greeman enters hand for hand play on the bubble with 450,000, an overwhelming chip lead.

Lightbourne, will cash another day